Adding Video Blocks

2 Steps

Jonathon Vogel

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1. Get a Video Link

1. First, you need to upload your video to either YouTube, Vimeo or your Facebook page.

2. From there, you can get a shareable link to use for your website.

3. Copy the link.

  • For YouTube, click the Share button below the video, and copy the link.
  • For Vimeo, click the Share icon located on the right of the video, and copy the link
  • For Facebook, right-click on the video, and then click on "Show Video URL", then copy the link.

2. Paste the Link To Your Video Block

  1. Go to the page where you want to embed the video and click "+" between two blocks. Choose "Video"

2. Click the pencil to edit the block.

3. Enter your headline and then paste the URL from the Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook video. 

4. Click Save

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