Creating a Dropdown Menu

6 Steps

Jonathon Vogel

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1. Login

2. Navigate to menu settings

  1. Click on the 'Admin' button at the top right of your website. 
  2. Select 'Menus' from the dropdown.

3. Add a Link

  1. Click the 'More' button on the right of the Menu item you'd like to create a dropdown for.
  2. Select "Add Link".

4. Fill in the details

  • Menu Label (menu item name) 
  • Page link

5. Click "Save Link"

Your dropdown has now been created. 

6. Rearrange Links

  1. Click on "Re-order".
  2. Click, drag, and drop the re-order handle found beside each menu item.

Additional Notes

When linking to an internal page on your site, you only need to grab everything after the .com/.ca/org. To determine what the link should be, go to the page you want to create a link for and check the link in the address bar of your browser. 

For example, if you wanted to link to the Chiropractic you would type in '/services/chiropractic' to the link tab. The dropdown menu will be visible once the user clicks on the menu item with a dropdown (we do not currently have a hover-state for the dropdown menu).

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