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Jonathon Vogel

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So, at this point, your probably wondering, "how do I customize my basic website settings?" To make it easy for you, this article is organized by the name of each menu tab in your site settings. You'll be able to easily update parts of your website like your contact info, address, location, hours, SEO, etc. 

1. Login

2. Navigate to Settings

  1. Click on the 'Admin' button at the top right of your website.
  2. Select 'Design' from the dropdown.


This tab takes care of your site identity and contact info.

Organizational Name: This is your business name or website name (i.e. Jon Do Chiropractic Care).

Email: This the email that will receive contact form submissions.

Approval Recipient: This email will receive notifications for visitors requesting membership in the online directory.

Phone: Your business phone number goes here.

Fax: Your fax number goes here.

Office Hours: This is where you'll put your hours of operation and holiday hours.

Contact Info Title: Contact support for details.

Contact Info Body: Contact support for details.

Admin Contact: This person will be the primary contact for DeploySites communication. Include their name, email, and phone.

Billing Contact

This tab helps you specify your billing details.

Contact Name: The first and last name for billing website fees to.

Email: The email to send billing invoices for your website to.

Phone: Your phone number to contact you if anything goes wrong.


This is where you'll connect your domain to your Get Clear website. If you aren't confident in what your doing, contact support, and we'll guide you through what you need to do.


This is where you'll add your business address and Google maps info.

You can add up to two separate locations for your business if you have more than one office.

Map URL: This is where you can paste your Google map location. Here's an article on how to find your Google map URL.

Time Zone: Add your local time zone so clients can reference your hours of operation with their local time.


Map Location: You can choose which location to edit the map URL for.

Map URL: Input your Google Map URL here. Here's an article on how to find your Google map URL.

Social Media Links

In this tab, you can paste links for all your social media. Currently, we offer social links for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

If your social media platform isn't avaliable, contact support, an we'd be happy to take in your recommendation for another social platform.

Home Page SEO

This is where you can edit your basic website keywords and description. Just remember, less is more. Just a few keywords will do. If your not sure what words to use, contact support.

Home Page <title>: Put your website name here.

Home Page Meta Keywords: Add a few words that you want your home page to pop up on Google for (i.e. if your a chiropractor, use words like chiropractor in Chicago, back pain, back adjustments, etc.)

Home page Meta Description: This is the bio that will show in Google search. Keep it clear, simple, and about your customer. Pro tip: Adding your website name meta description word for word helps increase your searchability.

Google Analytics

This is where you'll paste your Google Analytics tracking ID (i.e. UA-123456). To learn how to setup Google Analytics for your business or find your Google Analytics tracking ID, check out our article all about it here.


This tab is designed to make redirects super simple and easy for you to do. A redirect allows you to direct links on your website to a different location. For example, sending clients to when they click

Here's our article on how to setup redirects for your website.

When user goes to: The link you want to redirect or change.

Redirect them to: The new destination for your first link.


Contact support for details.

Organization Groups

Contact support for details.

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