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Understanding the text editor is the start of creating excellent looking copy. Throughout the website, you will notice the same text editor on each page. Below we have a description on each button in the text editor.

Bold, Italics and Underline

Just like when you're creating a document in Microsoft word or Pages, you can bold, italicize, underline and strike through words, and paragraphs.


Left, center, and right align your text.

Text Format

Utilizing headings can be a great way to break up the content on a page to make it easy to read. You can choose between Paragraph (regular text), Main Headline (large headline) Sub Headline (medium headline). Below is an example of what the different headings would look like.

Note: Main Headlines and Sub Headlines will vary based on your website's theme and colors.

Paste as Plain Text

If you have copied text from somewhere else and it is not showing up properly on your site, there may be some hidden formatting that is also being brought in depending on where you copied the text from. To clear the unwanted formatting, click on the "Paste as text" button, paste your text and click save. You can then go back to edit the formatting the way you want.

Block Quote

If you'd like to add text that stands out on a page, you can select the "Block Quote" option as an alternative to bold/italicize/underline. Below is an example of how this would be displayed.

Bullet Point Lists

You can choose circle bullet points or a numbered list.

Indent and Outdent

To start a line of text further in from the outside margin click the indent button. If you'd like the text to go back out to the outside margin, click the outdent button.

Undo and Redo

Simple undo and redo functions.

Spell Check

Once you are done adding in all of your text, you can select the "Spell Check" button before saving your changes.


You can also link or unlink text by clicking the "Insert/Edit Link" or "Remove link" buttons. Below is an example of what a hyperlink looks like on a page.

Note: How a link looks will vary based on your website's theme and colors.

Insert Photo & Video

Use these buttons if you would like to include a photo or video in the "Body" or text section of the page. For instructions on how to insert a photo within the page click here. It's the same features for adding video.

Source Code

If you have a form, calendar or other piece of code you would like to embed on your website, you would click the "Source Code" button.

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