How To Setup Scrolling To a Section On Click

When setup correctly, you'll click on an item like a button or image, and you be auto-scrolled to another item further down the page.

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2. Find the ID URL

Every browser is different when displaying urls in the address bar. You might find that you might not need all the steps below to find the ID. You may only get through steps 1 and 2. If all else fails try the inspect tool in your respective browser to try and find the ID. 

The Easy Way (hit and miss)

  1. Click into the edit settings of the item you want to scroll to
  2. Click Save - the ID should now appear in the address bar (you might have to double click the address bar if you don't see the full url at first)
  3. Highlight and copy the part of url in your browser address bar that has a hashtag (i.e. '#block-345'; this is part of the url is your item ID)

The Code Way (guaranteed to work)

  1. Right click the item you need the ID for
  2. Click 'inspect'
  3. Click the selector tool in the tool bar
  4. Select the item in the page preview you need the ID for
  5. In the code viewer, find the item ID name in quotations like "block-345" (the code should be highlighted when you clicked the item)
  6. Copy the ID name (i.e. block-345)
  7. Close the inspector

3. Link the Item

  1. Create and click into the settings of the button or image you want to trigger the auto-scroll
  2. Paste the ID in the link field (if you used the 'code way', make sure you put a hashtag before the ID, otherwise the link won't work.)
  3. Click Save

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