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We use a simple online tool called Markup IO to manage and keep track of your comments and revisions as we build your site.

Below is a simple step-by-step process we've developed using Markup IO so you can easily give feedback when we send you your website for review. 

Quick Note: The company who built this super handy tool has their own knowledge base that highlights all aspect of the tool way better than we ever could. Click here to check out the Markup IO knowledge base if you want to go more in depth (you don't have to though. We'll explain everything you need to know for the purposes of giving feedback for your website in this short article).

Step 1: Get the Link

We'll send you a review link via text or email with your website ready to review.

Pro tip: Use the same link we sent you every time. Markup IO makes it really easy to create and share new review links. The problem with that if you start using new review links every time you want to add comments to your site, you and we will quickly lose track of which comments are on each link. After you add your comments, don't share the tool back to us. We'll get the notification once you've added your comments. You can also contact us via email.

Step 2: Create an Account

If you don't have a Markup IO account, it will prompt you to create one in order to add feedback comments to your website. After you create your free account, you'll be able to login back in anytime and continue adding comments to your website.

Step 3: Add Comments

You can add comments anywhere on your website, upload image files to each comment, and make mobile-specific comments too.

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